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US-listed Chinese stocks could struggle after election

September 24, 2020

The United States and China have a frosty economic relationship right now. And there are growing expectations that more Chinese companies which have stocks trading on US exchanges will look to move their listings to mainland China or Hong Kong.

The unexpected art of Ghana's hand-painted movie posters

September 24, 2020

Originally produced to advertise local screenings, these hand-painted movie posters from Ghana are now sought after by art collectors.

5 designers leading Nigeria's hyperlocal fashion revolution

September 24, 2020

A young cohort of Nigerian designers is doubling down on efforts to create textiles locally, fueling a more authentic sustainability movement that designers around the world could learn from.

Bridge inspector rescues dog stranded 120 feet above Mississippi River

September 23, 2020

An ordinary workday quickly turned into a rescue mission after a bridge inspector spotted a stranded dog 120 feet above the Mississippi River.

'I was much more dominant': Pixy Liao's surreal photography disrupts relationship stereotypes

September 22, 2020

Pixy Liao's photos of herself and her boyfriend are at turns tender, surreal and sexy.

The 'Leaning Tower' of the Middle East

September 21, 2020

Capital Gate's nature-defying, angled skyscraper is one of the world's most intriguing buildings. Find out this 'Leaning Tower' of the Middle East, which holds offices, restaurants and a hotel, stays standing.

More than 1,000 Jewish pilgrims blocked from Ukraine over coronavirus fears

September 16, 2020

More than 1,000 Orthodox Jews are waiting on the Belarus-Ukraine border, after their attempts to enter the country for a religious pilgrimage were rebuffed due to coronavirus concerns.

WeWork CEO talks about the co-working company's latest new tenants: College students

September 15, 2020

A little more than a year ago, WeWork's parent company, The We Company, filed to take the co-working company public.

At Amazon's new 'Luxury Stores,' you can't buy anything unless you're invited

September 15, 2020

Amazon is launching high-end fashion luxury stores -- but if you want to buy anything, chances are you'll need to get in line.

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