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Fire spreads to seven ships at Iranian port, state media reports

July 15, 2020

A fire has damaged least seven vessels at a shipyard in the southern Iranian port city of Bushehr, despite the efforts of firefighters, according to state media.

Dumpster diving, blackouts and suicides. Lebanon's woes laid bare as crisis deepens

July 8, 2020

As Lebanon entered a Covid-induced lockdown earlier this year, the destruction of the middle class remained largely out of sight, but now there's no escaping the dystopian scenes of desperation.

Iran sentences journalist to death

July 1, 2020

Iranian ​dissident and journalist Rouhollah Zam has been sentenced to death, months after he was apprehended by Iranian forces in mysterious circumstances.

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over drone strike that killed Qasem Soleimani

June 29, 2020

Iran has issued an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump over the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in January, the semi-official Fars news agency reported Monday.

As the US rolls out new sanctions on Assad, Syria braces for economic devastation

June 17, 2020

The United States has rolled out fresh sanctions that aim to drive Syrian President Bashar al-Assad back to a UN-led negotiating table and threaten to devastate Syria's already floundering economy.

How one gay Egyptian woman stood up to homophobia and paid the ultimate price

June 17, 2020

When Sarah Hegazi was arrested in 2017 for waving a rainbow gay pride flag at a concert, she became an icon for Egypt's gay community and a target for state violence. Last weekend, the 30-year-old died by suicide in Canada.

Coronavirus death rates in Yemen's Aden could exceed its wartime fatalities

June 12, 2020

In Yemen's Aden, coronavirus-related death rates are exceeding wartime fatalities with the health sector becoming overwhelmed and a drop in international aid crippling healthcare work.

UN: Eight mass graves reported found in Libya

June 11, 2020

The UNSMIL expressed "horror" over "reports on the discovery of at least eight mass graves in past days, the majority of them in Tarhuna."

Nationwide protests grip Lebanon as currency tanks

June 11, 2020

Lebanese protesters took to the streets in multiple cities on Thursday night amid a rapid slide in the country's currency.

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