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Report noisy karaoke singers to help fight Covid, Philippine governor says

September 17, 2020

A provincial governor in the Philippines has set his sights on a set of people who he says are hurting the fight against the pandemic: karaoke singers.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan calls for chemical castration of those convicted of rape

September 16, 2020

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan called for rapists and child molesters to be chemically castrated when asked in an interview about a rape that garnered national attention in Pakistan.

Activists flee on boats from Hong Kong, once a safe haven from China

September 15, 2020

For Ha Sze-yuen, the sea surrounding Hong Kong is more than just a backdrop for sunsets and beaches.

China says no need to vaccinate entire population against Covid-19, only frontline workers

September 14, 2020

Not everyone in China will need to get vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the country's top medical official, as Beijing looks to prioritize frontline workers and high-risk populations in a move that underscores rising confidence among policy-makers of their ability to contain the virus.

The unlikely rise of a farmer's son who could be Japan's next prime minister

September 14, 2020

If Shinzo Abe was perhaps born to be Japan's prime minister, the path to political stardom for his potential successor was hardly guaranteed.

Why India's low coronavirus death rate has experts worried

September 11, 2020

For months, India has been struggling to control the coronavirus pandemic with limited success.

New video shows Myanmar soldiers confessing to mass murder

September 10, 2020

Two Myanmar military deserters say they were ordered to take part in the indiscriminate mass killing and rape of Rohingya Muslims in 2017, a human rights group claims, in video confessions which correspond with individual accounts given by survivors of the alleged atrocities.

Convicted murderer on death row sworn in by Sri Lankan parliament

September 9, 2020

A convicted murderer on death row was sworn in as a Sri Lankan lawmaker Tuesday, after a court ruled that he could not be barred from the country's 225-member Parliament.

Analysis: Taiwan appears determined to create an anti-Beijing alliance

September 9, 2020

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen wants to create an alliance to defend "freedom, safety, human rights and democracy" in Asia, as the self-ruled island faces renewed pressure from neighboring China.

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