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Worried about your toddler right now? Take a deep breath

January 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The developmental task of toddlers is to learn to be social beings. In the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, experts say this can happen within the family, but the challenges of balancing working from home with toddler rearing are still top of mind for many.

The family has been social distancing from friends and relatives since taking their son out of day care back in March, said Atigre, 36, whose husband is a doctor and works in several local hospitals.

"Toddlers' whole goal in life is to keep their caregiver close, which is why they do so many of the unattractive things they do," Learmonth said.

The developmental task of toddlers — one of the age groups Learmonth said will best weather the pandemic — is to learn to be social beings.

Baby Bungalow — an early childhood learning and resource center run by Champions for Children in Tampa, Florida — currently offers 10 Zoom play groups weekly as well as "playground appointments" for family units to share time together in a safe outside environment, said Program Director Paula Wyne.

Designed for kids ages newborn to age 5, the nonprofit's pandemic-spawned Zoom sessions "sometimes fly in the face of what we're encouraging regarding being really play-based and about interaction — play being the foundation of learning from our perspective," she said.

"Toddlers have what they need at home to weather this," Wyne said.

And if you're worried that some of those signals are hidden behind masks by masked caregivers at day care (and other faces usually out in the open in non-pandemic times), that, too, she said, will pass.

If toddlers don't see lips moving all day, just make time to talk to them when they come home from day care as normal, Learmonth said.

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