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World Health Organization "very concerned" that Covid-19 cases may accelerate in Africa

July 20, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

South Africa has reported 364,328 coronavirus cases as of Monday. Officials from the World Health Organization are concerned that the country’s rising numbers could signal greater Covid-19 spread throughout Africa.

Ryan said South Africa is experiencing an acceleration in Covid-19 cases, which have increased by about 30% in the last week.

Ryan noted other countries in the region have seen Covid-19 increases, though their total case counts are still lower than South Africa’s.

On Monday, Johns Hopkins reported 21,095 new cases and 182 deaths.

The department also announced 1,445 new confirmed Covid-19 cases and nine new confirmed deaths.

Dominican Republic reported a total of 53,956 Covid-19 cases on Sunday, with 1,101 new cases in the last 24 hours.

California reported 6,846 new cases of coronavirus and nine additional deaths on Monday, according to updated data from the state's Department of Public Health.

Spain has tallied 4,581 new coronavirus cases since last Friday as outbreaks intensify, especially in the northeastern region of Catalonia, including Barcelona, and in the neighboring region of Aragon, the health ministry reported Monday.

That brings the total number of cases to at least 264,835 since the pandemic began, with at least 28,422 deaths, an increase of nine in the past week, the ministry reported.

Georgia is reporting 3,243 new cases on Sunday for a total of 143,123 coronavirus cases statewide, according to data released by the Georgia Department of Health (DOH).

The Louisiana Department of Health reported 3,187 Covid-19 cases since Sunday bringing the total number of cases reported to the state to 94,892, according to data released by the department of health on Monday.

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