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Work can wait. Your mental health can't. How to make the most of a break

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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While taking time off of work isn't an option for everyone, prioritizing our wellbeing over personal productivity is a worthwhile endeavor. If we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of other things — including our jobs.

(CNN)Deciding to take time off of work isn't easy.

Whittome and Osaka aren't alone in their decisions to step back from work for their mental health.

But experts warn that there's a second wave of mental health challenges to contend with — the long-term effects of heightened anxiety, depression, stress and isolation that countless Americans have faced throughout the pandemic.

Considering this, it's not a surprise that many people who can are choosing to take time off from work.

Research shows that people who take sabbaticals not only benefit from reduced stress during their time off, but also experience less stress after returning to work.

I know that, unfortunately, taking time off of work isn't an option for everyone, but I do wish we were granted more opportunities to prioritize our mental wellbeing over personal productivity.

If paid time off isn't an option, consider setting aside some money to cover costs while you're not working.

Work takes up a lot of our time.

During my sabbatical, I worked through my grief and other difficult feelings through a mix of journaling, therapy and lots of long walks in nature.

Taking time off allowed me to assess what I missed about work and what routines were unhealthy for me.

While not everyone can take time off from work, there are steps people can take when it feels like burnout is on the horizon.

Even if you don't have the option to step away from your job, you can still set boundaries that support your mental wellbeing, like Osaka did in choosing not to speak with the media.

Look for ways to set boundaries that work best for you and your mental wellbeing.

As I wrote in November 2017, months after returning to work from my sabbatical, "Gratitude has saved me. "

But I've pulled myself out of those ruts time and again by finding things to be thankful for. "

Taking a bit of time each day for gratitude works wonders.

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