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Woman taken as a baby reunites with her swamp rescuer. But questions linger over her disappearance

April 27, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When Tameka Boone walked into a Virginia dentist's office in late February for a six-month checkup, she never expected to come face to face with the woman who saved her life when she was a toddler.

Even though family members told her she had met Gunn in passing as a young child years later, Tameka said she had always wanted to talk to the woman -- not only to thank her but to hear for herself what had happened.

Gunn, 61, was not expecting to see Tameka at the dentist's office either but told CNN she never forgot about the toddler she found sitting alone on a tree stump in the swamp.

While on horseback, Gunn and Beatty waded through swamp water that she says was "up to the stomach of the horses" and searched for hours while calling Tameka's name.

Beatty rode ahead to let search crews know Tameka had been found while Gunn said she walked her horse out of the woods while holding the toddler in her arms, talking to her "to reassure her she would be OK. " Once out of the woods, Gunn recalled handing Boone to a paramedic to check her for injuries before the child was taken to a nearby hospital.

Lewis said the family was "excited, happy, joyful" when Tameka was found, but also "were even more careful to not let her out of our sights for even a minute. "

According to Southampton County Sheriff's Office records, Tameka was reported missing from the family house at 12:20 p. m. and was found at 7:30 p. m. a mile away.

During the investigation, officers also spoke with family members, who said they had no information about Tameka's disappearance.

Tameka says the terrifying experience did not have a negative impact on her life because she does not remember it -- but said it confirmed what she calls "a supernatural purpose" for her life.

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