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Wisconsin elections commission approves recount for Milwaukee and Dane counties

November 19, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has officially ordered a partial recount of votes in the presidential race after receiving a $3 million payment from the Trump campaign, according to a release from the election commission.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has officially ordered a partial recount of votes in the presidential race after receiving a $3 million payment from the Trump campaign, according to a release from the election commission.

Republican members of the commission accused Democratic officials in the two counties of trying to use coronavirus safety guidelines as an excuse to make it harder for Trump’s campaign to observe recount proceedings.

The White House will not say whether President Trump plans to participate in this weekend's virtual G20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia, and Trump's aides have not told the meeting's organizers whether to expect the President to appear, according to an official familiar with the matter.

The US was the president of the G7 this year, and had been planning an on-and-off summit since last spring, when Trump said he would invite Russia to participate.

The Trump campaign is dropping its federal lawsuit in Michigan that alleged voting irregularities and asked the court to stop certification of the votes in Wayne County, home to Detroit.

Thursday morning’s filing wrongly claims that the Wayne County board “declined to certify the results of the presidential election. ” Attached to the filing are affidavits from the two Republican board members who now claim that they were bullied into siding with the Democrats and want to now rescind their votes to certify.

Some Gen Z and millennial Republicans say that they are troubled by President Trump’s failure to concede more than two weeks after Election Day, citing the harm it could cause to American democracy and the example Trump’s behavior sets for young Republicans.

Likewise, Chip Myers, a 21-year-old Republican from Arkansas, told CNN he is “really troubled,” by Trump’s “failure to concede. ”

“President-elect Biden needs access to transition funds likely being held up due to Trump’s failure to concede, and he needs access to the [President’s Daily Brief] for the sake of national security.

Still, while these young Republicans say that Trump’s commitment to legal challenges is completely within his purview and demonstrates that he is a “fighter,” they aren’t yet convinced that the legal challenges will end up changing the results of the election.

Ryan Fisher, the 20-year-old chair of the University of Michigan College Republicans, told CNN that Trump’s refusal to concede is something he is still conflicted on.

“I appreciate [Trump] seeking fairness in elections, and I appreciate him fighting against sort of unsolicited and unverified mail in ballots,” Fisher told CNN.

Adam Brown, age 22 and the former vice chair of the Utah College Republicans, also believes Trump is a “fighter,” he told CNN.

And while Grayson Massey, 26 and the national committeeman for the Utah Young Republicans and former chair of Utah College Republicans, told CNN he agrees that Trump is within his legal purview to pursue all legal options, Massey added that even once those avenues have come to completion, he does not believe the results will change.

“Our Democratic colleagues would agree, we simply want to count every vote to certify that Vice President Biden or President Trump are in fact the legally elected President of the United States,” Massey said.

President Trump continues to howl on Twitter — between rounds of golf — spreading the lie that he won the election he lost, and promising he will be in the White House come January.

But across the government Trump oversees — with actions at the Pentagon, inaction on the economy and denialism about the pandemic — the President and his allies are undercutting President-elect Joe Biden and harming the American people, even as none of them acknowledge that they're about to be replaced.

President Trump continues to baselessly claim that the election results will shift in his favor in Georgia, where the state plans to announce the results of the statewide audit around noon today.

Yesterday, CNN reported that President Trump will pardon the annual Thanksgiving turkey at the White House on Tuesday.

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