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Entertainment hopes 'LOVE' will drive voters to the polls

October 28, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Twelve years ago, it was's star-studded spoken word video "Yes We Can" that provided the soundtrack to Barack Obama's historic run for the presidency. Now, the six-time Grammy award-winning artist using his talents to support Joe Biden.

Will. i. am's group Black Eyed Peas have teamed up with Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson to release "The LOVE," an adaption of the band's 2003 global smash hit, "Where is the Love. "

"The LOVE" carries familiar stylistic echoes of the 2008 "Yes We Can Video," and uses portions of Joe Biden's Democratic National Convention speech in the opening and closing verses.

In an email correspondence, CNN asked Will. i. am about his message to voters, how the collaboration with Hudson came together, and what he hopes to see for America in 2021.

Was this video made for, or by the Biden / Harris campaign?

Why was it important to include these families and crusaders in the video?

We hope that "The LOVE" also moves people like "Yes We Can" did -- to get them out to the polls to vote.

The top issues that Biden-Harris administration must tackle are a matter of life and death: get the covid crisis under control, address police brutality and community policing, and work toward true equality -- economic, education, access to healthcare and public safety.

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