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Will US diplomats return to Cuba after mystery injuries?

February 19, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The US Embassy has become "a ghost ship manned by a skeleton crew," following Trump's reversal of Obama's opening with Cuba and the unexplained incidents.

Tillerson's decision to reduce embassy staffing "does not appear to have followed standard Department of State procedures and was neither preceded nor followed by any formal analysis of the risks and benefits of continued physical presence of U. S. government employees in Havana," the report said.

In December, a US-government funded study by the National Academy of Sciences said that "directed" microwave radiation was the most likely cause of symptoms observed in the affected diplomats working in Havana and China.

The diplomat said that, following the incidents, foreign service officers working in Havana lived several people to a house for security reasons and usually stayed for short tours of six months or less, making it difficult for them to get their bearings or develop contacts on the communist-run island.

The Biden administration has said they are reviewing all of the Trump administration's changes to Cuba policy, including the decision to pull diplomats from the embassy in Havana.

Through their attorney, some of the US diplomats impacted by the alleged incidents in Havana said they regretted that Cubans had paid a price for their unexplained illnesses.

Mark Zaid, who represents eight diplomats and spouses that became sick in Havana, said that while he believes they were the victim of some kind of action by a US foreign adversary, Cuba was likely not directly responsible.

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