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Why Joe Biden went to Wisconsin -- and will be back

February 20, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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President Joe Biden took his first big trip as president this week when he went to Wisconsin for a CNN town hall. The fact that Biden chose to go to Wisconsin shouldn't be lost on anyone. He will likely be going to the state a lot as president.

Arguably, no state tells us more about Biden's or any president's political standing in the last 30 years than Wisconsin.

Wisconsin was the state that put Biden to the 270 electoral vote threshold in the Electoral College.

Had Biden carried every state he won by more than his 0. 63 point margin in Wisconsin, he'd have been at 269 electoral votes.

We'll do so by comparing the margin in every state in every presidential election to the margin in the state that put the winning candidate over the top in the Electoral College in that same election (just like Wisconsin has done in the last two elections).

Since 1992, the absolute value of Wisconsin's swing state index has averaged 1. 3 points.

Further, Wisconsin is one of only two states (along with Pennsylvania) that has had no election in which the swing state index has been larger than +5. 0 points or smaller than -5. 0 points since 1992.

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