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Why Biden's foreign trip is so unique and so important | CNN Politics

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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President Joe Biden salutes as he boards Air Force One upon departure, Wednesday, June 9, 2021, at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. Biden is embarking on the first overseas trip of his term, and is eager to reassert the United States on the world stage, steadying European allies deeply shaken by his predecessor and pushing democracy as the only bulwark to the rising forces of authoritarianism. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Joe Biden's first foreign trip as President comes at a unique moment.

Joe Biden’s first foreign trip as President comes at a unique moment.

Biden meets British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday before the G7 summit, makes a hop to NATO in Brussels, then has a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva that will evoke the most tense days of the Cold War.

“We’re going to make it clear that the United States is back and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges,” Biden told US troops at an air base in eastern England on Wednesday.

Russia – the adversary that Biden will confront at the end of his Europe trip – meddled in the last two US elections to help Trump, who often seemed to advance its foreign interests over America’s.

But the most extraordinary feature of Biden’s trip is that he’s not an American President going out to confront tyranny abroad – that’s happened before.

“We have to discredit those who believe that the age of democracy is over, as some of our fellow nations believe,” Biden said.

Privately, diplomats from allied nations will concede that they are not completely convinced that Biden ended the populist nationalism of “America First. ” Some fear he could be simply an interregnum and that Trump or a new president in his image could return in January 2025.

If Biden is making himself the personification of global democracy, the Russian leader is the opposite.

After waiting a lifetime to fulfill his dream of being President, Biden – who has traveled the globe as a senator and vice president carrying the messages of others – now has that duty with everyone he meets at a perilous moment for America’s power and the world it made.

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