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Where Biden and Trump stand in latest CNN Poll of Polls

September 21, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The CNN Poll of Polls tracks the national average in the race for president between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The CNN Poll of Polls tracks the national average in the race for president between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Hoping to shift the public's attention from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump moved quickly on Saturday to make the new Supreme Court vacancy a central issue in his campaign, announcing he would name a woman to replace Ginsburg this week.

Only 43 days until the US election, Senate Republicans have put themselves on the path to confirm a nominee to dramatically shift the balance of power in the US Supreme Court.

morat Joe Biden's campaign and aligned Democratic Party committees entered September and the fall sprint to Election Day with $466 million in cash reserves — giving the former vice president a significant financial advantage over President Trump.

Team Biden's cash position, released by his campaign Sunday night, puts the Democratic nominee and his party about $141 million ahead of Trump's political operation.

Heavy spending by Trump and record-breaking fundraising by Biden and his allies in August as he added California Sen. Kamala Harris to the ticket helped Democrats overtake the President and the Republican National Committee.

In a Monday morning interview on "Fox and Friends," President Trump discussed the election and admitted that he has to “assume” former vice president Joe Biden will do “great” in the debates.

I don’t know if he’s all there but I think he’s a professional… and that he can debate,” Trump said when asked about debating Biden next week.

In the immediate days after Ginsburg's passing, the Biden campaign has not signaled a fundamental shift in its campaign strategy, which has hinged on the coronavirus pandemic and the economy, as President Trump quickly moved to make the Supreme Court vacancy a central issue in his campaign.

Biden started that push with a speech in Philadelphia Sunday as he assailed Trump's support of a Republican-led challenge to the Affordable Care Act as the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on the case one week after the election.

"In the middle of the worst global health crisis in living memory, Donald Trump is before the Supreme Court trying to strip health care coverage away from tens of millions of families, to strip away the peace of mind of more than 100 million Americans with pre-existing conditions," Biden said in a speech at the National Constitution Center.

Biden also repeated his call for the Senate not to consider a nominee until after voters have selected the president in this year's election.

As President Trump and Joe Biden enter the fall sprint to Election Day, both candidates hit the campaign trail today and are set to deliver remarks.

Trump was also asked about Ginsburg’s dying wish in which she told her granddaughter that she doesn’t want to be replaced until a new president is elected.

On timing for a vote on his nominee, Trump said he would prefer a vote before the election but said either way, he has a “lot of time. ”

Whether it’s before or after — I mean after we have a lot of time,” Trump said of a vote.

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