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What you need to know about coronavirus on Tuesday, November 17

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

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(CNN)US President-elect Joe Biden has issued a stark warning that President Donald Trump's refusal to accept his election loss could hamper the incoming administration's pandemic response and its ability to distribute a vaccine.

Trials of two vaccines -- one from Moderna and one from Pfizer -- have shown them to be effective in stopping more than 90% of coronavirus infections.

The distribution operation will be a massively complex and historic public vaccination effort targeting hundreds of millions of Americans -- many of whom have resisted following basic safety protocols like wearing masks because Trump has encouraged them not to.

A. Most vaccines in use today have taken years and, in some cases, decades to develop, but governments have poured huge amounts of money into companies and institutions developing Covid-19 vaccines, with initiatives such as Operation Warp Speed in the United States and the Vaccine Taskforce in the United Kingdom.

The World Health Organization has warned against complacency following the announcement that the Moderna vaccine candidate is 94. 5% effective against Covid-19, according to interim data.

She added that half the participants would need to be followed up for a two-month period after the trial for any side effects before the vaccine could be submitted to regulatory agencies.

"As they say in the vaccine world, 'mice lie and monkeys exaggerate. ' You never know till you're really in people," says Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine creator, and virology and immunology expert.

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks Dr. Offit about the journey of vaccines, from an idea in a lab to animal trials and then into the bodies of people around the world.

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