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What will Biden do first and how will he do it?

January 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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With the drama of Donald Trump's last presidential gasps -- and the urgency of his pending post-presidential impeachment trial for inciting insurrection -- it's been easy to gloss over the fact that in four days there will be a new president with very different priorities.

MERICA: One of Biden's most common promises on the campaign trail was that he would tackle a certain issue on Day One -- a pledge he usually made to contrast himself with Trump.

Right now, it's a little unclear what exactly Biden will sign on Day One. What is clear: He made a lot of promises, so January 20 could be a very busy day.

MERICA: This is Biden's most pressing priority heading into his first days in office.

WHAT MATTERS: So much of Biden's campaign was about being the anti-Trump.

MERICA: Biden has already started to try to deliver on this promise and his speech on Thursday was the best example.

Where Trump has largely ignored the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the close of his administration, Biden's speech took on the issue, and the tone of the remarks aimed to bring as many Republicans and Democrats together as possible to pass something.

So it appears that being the anti-Trump -- at least in tone and tenor -- will likely be one of the easiest promises for Biden to deliver on.

What Matters: How will Biden balance the need for compromise (he'll need Republican votes in the 50-50 Senate to get anything permanent done) with the need to satisfy progressives who turned out to elect him and now want systemic change?

What will Biden do to make sure his first days in office are not dominated by accountability for Trump?

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