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What Dak Prescott's injury means for his future with the Cowboys

October 14, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Losing Prescott to injury on Sunday is devastating for the Cowboys' prospects this season, and obviously to Prescott as a player. But as he begins the long rehabilitation process, Prescott will be pondering the financial ramifications of his enforced layoff.

(CNN)The Dallas Cowboys' 2-3 record this NFL season may not seem like quarterback Dak Prescott's contributions were making a major difference, but without him they might have started 0-5.

According to the NFL Network's Jane Slater in July, the Cowboys had offered Prescott a five-year $175 million contract, with $110 million guaranteed.

During contract negotiations with the Cowboys during the off-season, the 27-year old reportedly preferred a four-year deal so that he would be a free agent sooner, not long after the new NFL television contracts begin -- something that will significantly boost teams' salary caps.

Sportscasting estimate that after his season-ending injury, Prescott's contract gamble and rejection of the $175 million deal may have cost him somewhere in the region of $144 million.

Taking away the $31. 4 million Prescott earned by signing his one-year franchise tag contract, the true figure gambled was $78. 6 million.

Based on his performances in the first five games of this season though, and the deals taken by other quarterbacks this year such as Mahomes' mega-deal and the four-year $160 million deal signed by the Houston Texans' Deshaun Watson in September, it is unlikely a newly offered deal would be anything below the $175 million already offered to Prescott.

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