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We tried the fancy $400 Dyson hair dryer and here's what we thought

November 19, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

We tried the Dyson Supersonic to find out if the high-priced hair dryer is truly worth the investment.

When Dyson, the company best known for its premium vacuum cleaners, launched the Supersonic Hair Dryer back in 2016, the first thing you likely noticed was the product’s incredibly sleek, futuristic design — unlike any other hair dryer on the market.

The hair dryer measures air temperature a staggering 40 times per second (per second!) to ensure it doesn’t cause heat damage to your hair, meaning with regular use your strands will remain healthy and shiny.

We didn’t realize this until we tried drying half of our hair with the Dyson and half with a standard hair dryer, and felt like our fingers were, comparatively, on fire as we used the latter.

Our tester with coily hair said she’d never use another hair dryer again when she has extensions in — the wide comb attachment worked like a dream, quickly leaving her hair feeling super soft without too many passes.

Bottom line: We think the investment in the Dyson Supersonic is well worth it if you’re someone who blow-dries your hair regularly and/or someone who’s looking for a tool that’ll give you the closest result to a salon blowout in your own home — with lightning speed.

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