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We must build a culture of equality and respect if we want to save our planet

September 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The profound inequality in our society prevents us from being equally invested in the conservation and regeneration of our planet, writes Fashion Revolution co-founder Orsola de Castro.

That we can tolerate millions of supply chain workers going unpaid and losing their jobs, while a handful of individuals make billions they will never, ever need.

Unsurprisingly, the planet thrived while we were stopped in our tracks, so much so that this year's Earth Overshoot Day, marking the point where we've used the up the resources that the planet can generate in 12 months, came more than three weeks later than last year, slowed down by lockdown.

If I were a single parent, mother of young kids, in lockdown, what difference would it make to my life that Venice looks glorious and that there are no planes flying about in the London skies?

Or if I were a supply chain worker, witnessing firsthand the negative environmental impact of the products I make, how could I raise that issue if I am not allowed to speak up for fear of losing my job?

Without considering the intersection between people and planet, and that respect for nature requires unconditional respect between its people, we will not accomplish the drastic changes we need to survive.

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