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Washing machine explodes inside Fayetteville woman's home; weeks later she's still seeking answers

February 26, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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"The amount of force that happened during the explosion projected it out from the wall...The door blew open, the cover of the door blew off and landed on the floor."

"The door blew open, the cover of the door blew off and landed on the floor. "Gillis describing the aftermath of her LG front-loading washing machine that came apart while she says she was just washing a queen mattress cover as she's done several times before without a problem. After hearing a loud boom coming from her laundry room, she went in to see what happened and said she couldn't believe the state of her washing machine. "The pedestal shelf blew out, and as you can see it projected so far off the wall, it's come out and it definitely cracked some tiles and some grout.

You can see where the gasket basically ripped apart from the drum, and inside here you can see through this side where basically the amount of force ripped from it, just apart the actual frame from the cover itself," Gillis said. WATCH: Gillis shows damage to her washer right after the explosionGillis called LG right away to report what happened and a technician from LG was sent out the next day. "He said it's probably not repairable," she said she was told. She provided LG with the original invoice on her 2012 front-loading washing machine, along with other documents requested. "It's been nearly two weeks, we still have the tangled-up washing machine because we haven't heard anything from LG," Gillis said.

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