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W. Kamau Bell: What will the new school year look like? Start with unequal

August 2, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

At this point in the Covid-19 pandemic, we each have our own list of our biggest coronavirus concerns. But there's one question that unites many of us, and that's "What is the next school year going to look like?"

But those schools are not created equal, because the US relies heavily on state and local resources -- like property taxes -- to fund public education.

But according to the National Center for Education Statistics, an average of 45% of public school funding across the US comes from local sources -- and mainly from property taxes.

The impact of leaning primarily on state and local funding is clear when you look at Shaw High School in the predominantly Black and overwhelmingly economically depressed city of East Cleveland, and then take the short drive to Shaker High in the racially mixed but economically doing-much-better city of Shaker Heights.

While Shaw is "hacking the system" by teaching career and tech courses that can give students the opportunity to make adult wages as nursing assistants and hair stylists, over at Shaker Heights students are encouraged to spend their after-school time with activities that would make a well-rounded college application -- including a video game club.

To me, it feels like we shouldn't have this disparity for the millions of students enrolled in public schools across the country.

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