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Vaccinations remain our best fight against Covid-19, which could surge again in the winter, expert warns

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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With declining rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths across the US, more cities and states have lifted safety restrictions in anticipation of a better summer.

In five states -- Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wyoming -- fewer than half of adult residents have received one dose of Covid-19 vaccine, according to CDC data published Thursday.

"New variants will continue to emerge as the pandemic persists," researchers said, noting there has been no evidence that variants have largely escaped such vaccine protections.

"Therefore, increasing the proportion of the population immunized with current safe and effective authorized vaccines remains a key strategy to minimize the emergence of new variants and end the Covid-19 pandemic. "

Meissner spoke with CNN on Thursday and said he was particularly worried by recent reports about a possible link between the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and myocarditis, or heart inflammation, among younger people.

FDA adviser Dr. Paul Offit told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that he was "confident that there was unanimity" among advisers on the importance of having a Covid-19 vaccine for children despite disagreement over how potential vaccines are researched and authorized.

Masks no longer have to be worn in outdoor areas of public transportation by individuals fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to new guidance released by the CDC Thursday.

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