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Utah hiker stalked by a cougar for 6 minutes while he sloooowly backed away

October 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A runner in Utah got more than he bargained for when he ran into a mother mountain lion and her cubs on a trail.

(CNN)A runner in Utah got more than he bargained for when he ran into a mother cougar and her cubs on a trail.

Kyle Burgess started a recording of what he thought were bobcats but ended up being stalked for six minutes by a female mountain lion, he told Deseret News.

His video shows Burgess walking up to small cats on the trail in Slate Canyon, near Provo, and then out of nowhere the mom comes running up.

Burgess gives her a few choice words and then starts walking in the opposite direction, growling and yelling at the large cat hoping to scare it off.

I'm big and scary!" Burgess says between expletives.

The agitated cat then proceeds to follow Burgess for the next six minutes, all while Burgess is yelling and growling at the animal.

Throughout the entire video Burgess never turns his back away from the animal as she continued to lunge and hiss at him.

"Wow, that just happened," Burgess said into the camera when he could finally relax.

Burgess told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he never had the urge to run because he wanted to keep his eyes on the cougar the entire time.

"Oh definitely!" Burgess said.

Never run from a cougar and do not approach the cougar. Maintain eye contact with the animal Stand up tallDo not crouch or squatMake yourself look bigger by raising and waving your arms or jacket above your headTalk firmly in a loud voice, back away slowly, and leave the areaPick up children and pets or keep them very closeFight back if you are attacked!

Cougars are a protected species in Utah.

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