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US will see 27 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine this week, White House says

March 24, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 11: A dose of the new one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is prepared at a vaccination event at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in South Los Angeles on March 11, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. The event was hosted by California health officials and FEMA. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is now the third coronavirus vaccine to receive emergency approval for use in the United States. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A total of 27 million Covid-19 vaccine doses will be distributed across the US this week. So far about a third of US adults -- around 84 million -- have received at least one vaccination dose.

(CNN)A total of 27 million Covid-19 vaccine doses will be distributed across the United States this week, the White House said Wednesday.

As for pharmacies, Freeman said 2. 8 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are expected to continue being delivered at existing levels to pharmacies but will benefit from a one-time additional expansion of 1 million Pfizer doses over the next three weeks, as well.

Freeman said the trajectory of vaccine availability has been on track and it is expected that vaccine supplies "will continue to rapidly scale even further" in April to 22 to 24 million doses per week to health departments alone.

President Joe Biden said earlier this month that the United States will have enough Covid-19 vaccine supply for every adult by the end of May. If the nation continues a pace of 27 million doses per week for the next nine weeks, that means about 243 million doses would have to be distributed between now and May 26.

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