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Unknown vandals shot a historical marker for Jackie Robinson and another for lynching victims in rural Georgia

February 23, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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There are over 2,300 historical markers in Georgia, a few dozen of which belong to the state's Civil Rights Trail, devoted to events and locations that impacted the Civil Rights movement. Two of those signs were found riddled with bullet holes.

The vandals haven't been identified, but their acts are just the latest in a disturbing rise in vandalism targeting historical markers, particularly those that center on Black Americans, said the Georgia Historical Society, a nonprofit that erects historical markers across the state.

The markers are a launch pad into the often racist history of Georgia and the US, Groce said.

Groce declined to speculate on the motivations of the vandals, but he said it's telling that they singled out the signs that commemorate Black history.

The Georgia Historical Society's limited budget wouldn't allow for such methods of protection for its historical markers, Groce said.

"All Americans of all races need to embrace these stories," Groce said of the tales told on the historical markers.

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