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Uganda internet shutdown causes polling problems as ex-popstar takes on veteran President

January 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Ugandans wait to vote in Kampala, Uganda, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021.Ugandans are voting in a presidential election tainted by widespread violence that some fear could escalate as security forces try to stop supporters of leading opposition challenger BobiWine from monitoring polling stations.(AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

Ugandans headed to the polls Thursday in a tense presidential campaign marred by violence and deaths of more than 40 people in the lead up to the election.

There was calm on election day itself, however, with a heavy military presence in Uganda's capital, Kampala, as long lines of people waited patiently to cast their votes when polls opened at 7 a. m.

Before casting his ballot, Wine addressed the media and complained that the majority of his polling agents across the country have been prevented from observing the election by police.

Wine, who regularly wears a helmet and flak jacket on the campaign trail, is seen as the most prominent challenger, ‚Äčand his message has struck a chord with Uganda's young people, who have turned out in droves across the country to vote.

Nantamu told CNN: "I came out to vote to have change in Uganda, change that is democratic and governed by the constitution.

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