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Typhoon In-fa lashes Japan's southern islands as another tropical threat looms

July 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Typhoon In-fa is bearing down on the southern Japanese islands and has its eye set on eastern China by next week. The storm could bring extremely heavy rainfall totals to millions in China and Taiwan.

And behind In-fa, there is a tropical threat for northern and central parts of Japan, which could potentially impact the Olympic Games by early next week.

The area in and near Miyakojima, Japan, will be in the bull's-eye of the heavy rain, with an additional 20-plus inches (500-plus millimeters) of rainfall forecast.

The center of the storm is expected to pass more than 100 miles to the north of Taiwan, but the island will still receive major amounts of rain.

As In-fa pulls away from Japan and Taiwan this weekend, the storm will head toward eastern China and will likely impact the area beginning Sunday.

There are still timing differences on when it will make landfall but it is expected to hit the area between Shanghai and Wenzhou, bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

The JTWC is expecting maximum sustained winds near the center of the storm to be at about 70 mph (110 kph), which is a strong tropical storm.

At this time, heavy rain and gusty winds are possible for east central Japan by early next week, which could interrupt some events at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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