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Two young directors want the world to see Black male joy in a 'love letter to brothers everywhere'

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Photographers Joshua Renfroe and Curtis Taylor Jr. are about to release "What Flying Feels Like," a short film that re-examines Black masculinity and boyhood.

His first book, "Black Boy Fly," released last year, is a captivating example of visual storytelling.

Photographer and director Curtis Taylor Jr. is one such artist who, this year, collaborated with Renfroe on a limited edition reissue of "Black Boy Fly. "

In what they call "a love letter to brothers everywhere," Renfroe, Curtis and a team of emerging Black artists are expanding the work into a short film, "What Flying Feels Like," coming this November.

"The work that 'Black Boy Fly' was doing outside of the book was just as important as the work inside of it. " Taylor, who earned his masters in education policy with research on Black masculinity in visual culture, knew he wanted to work with Renfroe to create scenes where Black boys and men represented happiness instead of trauma.

Between this year's reissue of the book and the ongoing production of the film, their goal was to make room for what Taylor called, "an elevated discourse around what Black maleness is, whether it be sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or any of the things that fall under the umbrella. "

Co-directing the film allowed them the room to merge their tones, aesthetics and voices to depict "even a fraction of what it feels like to exist in a Black male body," said Renfroe.

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