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Twitter's new subscription product could include ad-free journalism

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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BANGKOK ,THAILAND FEB 22 2018 : Woman holding a iPhone X or iPhone 10 with social Internet service Twitter on the screen.

Twitter, known for instant and short-form expression, is investing more in the media business and long-form journalism. The company announced Tuesday it's acquiring Scroll, a startup that offers ad-free viewing of news sites for a monthly fee.

"Those who create and consume news know that reading — and more broadly, journalism — deserve a better future," Mike Park, Twitter's vice president of product, wrote in a blog announcing the deal.

Park wrote Twitter is planning to offer Scroll as "part of an upcoming subscription offering. "

"As a Twitter subscriber, picture getting access to premium features where you can easily read articles from your favorite news outlet or a writer's newsletter from Revue, with a portion of your subscription going to the publishers and writers creating the content," Park continued.

Twitter's new subscription efforts help diversify the company's business beyond advertising.

Scroll CEO Tony Haile wrote in a separate blog announcing the deal that he was joining Twitter to speed up his company's mission of providing news consumers with faster load time while helping publishers and journalists make more money.

Haile also argued journalism and Twitter are "intertwined," whereas other platforms are less supportive.

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