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Twitter suspends fake accounts pretending to be Black Trump supporters

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Twitter has recently suspended a slew of fake accounts pretending to be Black Trump supporters. Many of them have tweeted this identical phrase: "YES IM BLACK AND IM VOTING FOR TRUMP."

(CNN)Twitter has recently suspended a slew of fake accounts pretending to be Black supporters of President Donald Trump.

But the fake accounts are the latest attempt at misinformation related to the 2020 presidential election -- this time -- in the form of fake Trump supporters.

"Twitter has suspended 2 of my other accounts for supporting Trump.

A few suspended accounts, compiled by O'Sullivan and disinformation expert Josh Russell, show that their creators followed similar patterns: They'd all joined Twitter recently; their Twitter handles usually included a reference to "MAGA" or "KAG," Trump's newer campaign slogan that stands for "Keep America Great;" and their profile pictures were often stock images of Black men and women.

In Williams' case, the photo of him from the New York Times piece appears in an image search for "black man. " Another fake account whose handle included the hashtag #BlacksForTrump used an image of Terrel Wallace, a musician from Detroit who performs under the name "Tall Black Guy. "

Earlier this month, Twitter suspended over 1,500 accounts, including over 100 that were hacked by actors in Iran to amplify "politically sensitive topics" like Black Lives Matter and the killing of George Floyd.

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