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Trump's election tweet shows a frightened narcissist afraid of losing

July 30, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The President's floating the idea of delaying the election -- something America has never done -- is designed to alarm people and distract from the worst quarterly GDP loss in recorded history on his watch, writes John Avlon. It's a dangerous, self-interested game: Trump is sowing the seeds of doubt in the legitimacy of the election if he should lose.

(CNN)President Donald Trump doesn't really like democracy.

The correct answer, for those playing at home, is "Hell no -- we do not delay elections in the United States and in any case, the President doesn't have that power under the Constitution. "

Listen to President Trump in his interview with Chris Wallace last weekend when asked whether he would accept the results of the election.

This is part of a pattern of recent statements from Trump preemptively calling the 2020 election results rigged, as on July 26, when he tweeted: "Rigged Election, and EVERYONE knows it!"

And that's one of some 40 times this year alone that President Trump has called the upcoming election rigged.

Witness the comment by GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer to CNN about Trump's tweet to delay the elections: "I think that if you guys take the bait, he'll be the happiest guy in town.

Remember, Trump also repeatedly refused to say whether he'd accept the results of the 2016 election, believing that he would lose -- as polls showed he would (accurately reflecting the popular vote, but not the electoral outcome).

Unless the election is a blow-out, Trump will almost certainly contest the results, which could lead to unprecedented chaos.

This would be compounded by the the massive number of absentee and mail-in votes that will be cast during Covid, possibly keeping the nation from knowing the winner until well after Election Day. It is a nightmare scenario that could make the United States look like a failed state.

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