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Travon Free works to make 'Two Distant Strangers' more thought-provoking than triggering

April 25, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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TWO DISTANT STRANGERS Co-director Travon Free on the set of TWO DISTANT STRANGERS. Cr. Elmo Kebour/NETFLIX ?? 2021

Travon Free cut his teeth as a Hollywood comedy writer drafting jokes for some of late night's biggest names. His latest project, though, a 32-minute short starring rapper Joey Bada$$, might employ Free's comedy voice but the subject is no laughing matter.

In "Two Distant Strangers," Free's first Oscar contender, a Black man named Carter (Bada$$) perpetually repeats the same day.

"When the idea occurred to me last summer during the protests," Free tells CNN, "even knowing that there have been similar attempts to use this type of device to tell stories about Black people in policing, I recognized where my story differed. "

"In writing the film this way, at the time," Free shared with CNN, "I was also processing my own pains as a human being first, and as an artist. " It is no small task replicating the experiences Black people go through, especially when artists are aware that their audience might be similarly triggered by seeing certain things on screen.

On the subject of Black trauma, Travon Free says that Black filmmakers should not shy away from depicting the very real lived realities of people who look like them.

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