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Traumatizing details of George Floyd's death were shown at trial. Experts weigh in on who should -- and shouldn't -- see them

April 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Fresh bodycam video of the death of George Floyd may be triggering for some. Here's expert advice on how to decide if its best to watch and how to cope.

Leslie Kimball: For adults who have had similar traumatic experiences, I think it's advisable not to watch the video or trial without some opportunity to get support or to talk with someone else about it -- isolation is dangerous.

Janet Helms: I think White people have a duty to watch the videos, because if you don't watch as a White person, then you never know these things are happening in your name.

It's a different experience for Black and Indigenous people, because they are watching similar experiences with respect to violence in their own lives every week, and so this is just building trauma, upon trauma, upon trauma for Black people.

Although people of color, particularly Black and Indigenous people, grow up knowing that they are likely to be victims of police violence, we don't typically see (police) spend such a prolonged amount of time killing a person.

Watching them drain a person's life is particularly traumatic and not being able to help or prevent that yourself adds additional trauma to the situation.

What I often recommend to Black people is that they recognize that they've been traumatized, and that they need to take care of themselves by not watching those videos over and over again, if they can avoid it.

This is an inhuman situation, so seek therapy to help you get over your symptoms. " It's really important that if they talk, they are with people who can understand the trauma, their feelings of anger and guilt -- and not with someone who's going to discard it.

And if someone's curious because they want to know about it, then "Fair warning, this could be traumatic for you to watch. " But it may be something that's necessary for some people to see to understand what is happening.

It should not be necessary for someone to watch something that's traumatizing, because you don't know what their personal history of trauma is.

And especially for people of color watching, it also triggers their own life experiences, dealing with generations of racial trauma.

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