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Three Horry Co. jail employees fired for alleged cocaine use seen in Snapchat video

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The termination stemmed from an alleged April 23 Snapchat video.

“The BLE student reported to the instructor that Officer Fairchild stated the powder was cocaine and that they all had used it, including herself,” a separation form stated.

According to the report, Fairchild said the open bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 was from “last weekend. ” The officer allegedly found another unopened can of the liquor in a bag on the passenger seat, three unopened cans of Twisted Tea in the back passenger floor and an iPad marked “property of SCCJA,” law enforcement said.

According to SCCJA documents, Fairchild stated during an interview in the Office of Professional Standards that she did not use cocaine that was seen in the Snapchat video, but did admit there was cocaine in the car with them and the other officers used it.

“He also admitted that he had viewed the Snapchat post with the video of them all in the car with the cocaine, and that Snapchat post was created and posted by Katlyn Fairchild,” SCCJA’s report stated.

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