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Three Dead After Hostage Situation Inside Southwest Miami-Dade Home

May 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A hostage situation in southwest Miami-Dade ended with three people dead, including the shooter.

Miami-Dade Police and the SWAT team were called to a home on the corner of Southwest 191st Terrace and 129th Avenue around 5 p. m. on Sunday.

According to police, a dad called 911 and said his son shot him.

Paramedics rushed him to the hospital in stable condition while the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Special Response Team surrounded the home.

“He was barricaded inside the residence, it warranted a special response team and a hostage negotiator,” said Detective Angel Rodriguez with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Police said the shooter barricaded himself inside the home with two women and two children.

After negotiators attempted to make contact, police said they heard a gunshot and later found the shooter and the two women dead.

“Definitely scary to see the helicopters this close to my home,” said Amore Rodriguez who lives down the street from the shooting.

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