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Three children and their grandmother perished in a Texas fire after trying to stay warm during power outages. Their mom survived

February 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When the power went out at Loan Le's house in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land, Texas, on Monday, she headed over to her daughter's home about five miles away.

Jackie Pham Nguyen and her three kids, Olivia, 11, Edison, 8, and Colette, 5, affectionately nicknamed Coco by her family, still had power and were happy to have more time with their Ba Ngoai, which means maternal grandmother in Vietnamese.

"We thought we were really lucky because we still had power until the early evening," Nguyen said.

"Tucked my kids into bed and really the next thing I know I'm in the hospital," Nguyen told CNN.

"I'm in this crisis tactical mode now and I'm just really focused on all this final arrangements because this is the last sort of thing I'm going to do for my kids," Nguyen said.

"Colette is just a little fire cracker and she has so much charisma," Nguyen said.

those moments are so fleeting," Nguyen said.

"My parents did everything for their kids, like, as immigrants, and coming to this country and then, that love that they gave me, it was tenfold when it came to the grandkids," Nguyen said.

"I just feel like she was always schlepping the kids around, too, so maybe this was her last sort of thing, and you know, 'ubering' the kids up to heaven," Nguyen said.

Knowing those questions may never be answered, Nguyen said she will move forward in a way that honors her kids and their memory fittingly.

"I want to do something lasting for them," Nguyen said.

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