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This skateboard club is helping plus-size riders push body positivity forward

June 11, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Andy Duran is the founder of Chub Rollz, a skateboard club that helps plus-size people learn and skate together.

That's how Andy Duran describes the feeling of riding a skateboard.

"That's what skating kind of feels like.

Duran currently weighs over 300 pounds and identifies as "fat. " Many of the boards had weight limitations below 300 pounds and finding the right pad sizes and gear was difficult.

Duran wanted to prove that people of all sizes could skateboard and hoped he could encourage others.

"We were immediately hit with fat phobia comments about our body size, comments about what the material of our skateboards or skates should be made out of to hold us.

He wanted to start Chub Rollz as a safe space open to plus-size people wanting to learn and skate together - be it on a skateboard, roller skates or any other type of wheels.

The group hosts monthly meet-ups, and Duran arrives early to set out skateboards, pads and gear to help anybody wanting to stop by and give skating a shot.

"I feel very free to be in my body and be myself on a skateboard. "

Duran says that one thing that sets Chub Rollz apart from other plus-size groups is that weight loss is not a factor.

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