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This organization is creating access to virtual classrooms for children in slums

July 22, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Slum2school is providing access to online learning for underprivileged students in Lagos, Nigeria

Through Slum2School, a child development organization in Nigeria, she was given a data subscription, a mobile tablet and Microsoft Office Teams access to continue her education, which has been disrupted since schools were shut as Nigeria went on lockdown in March.

As a way to ensure the running education of underprivileged communities, Slum2school built a virtual learning hub for children in Okpoe's neighborhood, Makoko.

Orondaam Otto, founder of Slum2School, told CNN that 948 children from other rural and under-served communities have also been enrolled in the organization's virtual classes.

"At Slum2School we believe that the future of education is digital and every child deserves to have access to the best of educational tools to learn and succeed in the 21st century, regardless of their social and economic background," Otto said.

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