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This Keurig-like machine for soft serve ice cream is what the world really needs

January 13, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Photo by Adam Glanzman for 829

It's a rocky road to disrupt the ice cream industry, but sundae you may get your soft serve from a pod.

A new machine called ColdSnap, which looks and functions like a Keurig for soft serve ice cream, has emerged as one of the buzziest products of this year's all-digital CES tech show.

The company is also working on pods for smoothies, frozen coffees, protein shakes, non-dairy ice cream and frozen cocktails, such as mud slides and daiquiris.

The company says the machine simultaneously pulls heat from the pod, creating a cooling effect on the liquid ice cream mix, and engages a part within the pod that churns the ingredients during the cooling process.

He explained ice cream machines for the home aren't typically efficient; many require a bucket to be frozen overnight, a consistent mixing process and are a mess to clean up.

"What about a Keurig machine for ice cream?" one daughter asked.

Keurig-inspired ice cream machines aren't entirely new.

ColdSnap claims its product is a much cleaner play, due to the recyclable aluminum pods, which resemble Red Bull cans, and the process of keeping ice cream cold inside of the trucks that then transport it.

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