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This Italian town has just two residents, but they still insist on wearing masks

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

They're the sole inhabitants of Nortosce, but Giovanni Carilli and Giampiero Nobil aren't taking any chances when it comes to upholding Italy's strict Covid-19 rules.

Giovanni Carilli and Giampiero Nobili wear masks every time they meet and insist on standing one meter apart, despite the fact that they have no neighbors and rarely leave the secluded town of Nortosce.

But despite their remote position, neither Carilli, 82, or Nobili, 74, feel protected from the virus, which has claimed the lives of nearly 37,000 people in Italy.

While local police have been handing out fines ranging from €400 to €1,000 (about $470 to $1,170) to those refusing to wear masks in some of the country's most crowded cities, for Carilli and Nobili, face coverings are a sacred rule.

Carilli was born in the village, but spent much of his life making cured meats in Rome, before returning to live in his childhood home after his retirement.

As many former residents escaped to Rome and other cities to find work following a series of earthquakes in Italy during the late '90s, Carilli and Nobili have the town to themselves most of the time.

"That road ends right here, so nobody comes unless they're headed straight to Nortosce," says Carilli, who often goes truffle hunting with his beloved dog.

Tucked away in the hills, Nortosce is ideally situated for visiting the nearby Abruzzo and Marche regions, particularly the ancient Roman town of Ascoli Piceno.

"We lead a very simple life: all we have to offer is fresh oxygen-rich air, peacefulness, silence and healthy mountain water," says Carilli.

While he admits Nortosce isn't for everyone, Carilli wouldn't trade his life for anything, and loves residing in such a unique place that allows him to be close to nature.

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