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This is what's being done to protect Texas' most vulnerable communities

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Here's what people are doing to protect Texas' most vulnerable populations from harsh weather

"A crisis like this brings out the best in people," said Matt Brown, CEO of the advocacy group Centro San Antonio.

Even farther south, Centro San Antonio has housed 46 people in their shelters, which is more than they typically do in a year, Brown said.

The Austin Justice Coalition initially catered to homeless people and those in need of shelter, but Lynette says the Nation of Islam reached out and said they had 15-20 elderly people who did not have power for two days.

Brown told CNN that aside from working with city police, Centro San Antonio volunteers are also helping out at the city's warming center.

We've supplied food to our staff," said Brown, CEO of Centro San Antonio.

The storm has also made people homeless, Walker said.

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