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This designer is giving the ancient art of henna a modern makeover

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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With a history spanning millennia, henna is steeped in tradition and cultural rituals. Dubai-based Azra Khamissa is taking a fresh approach to this ancient practice with her bold, contemporary henna designs.

During Khamissa's childhood, henna was often used for family celebrations like Eid, she says.

Khamissa says the temporary nature of henna -- which lasts around two weeks -- allows for more "crazy" and experimental patterns, like all-over leopard print.

For those who don't want to ink themselves permanently, henna offers more flexibility and "makes tattoo culture a bit more inclusive," Khamissa says.

It's not just Khamissa's designs that are modern -- she wants to update the way henna is sold, too.

A solution to the shelf-life problem would be mini-freezers, which could keep henna paste fresh for up to six months, says Khamissa.

Khamissa hopes that by making high-quality henna more accessible, more women will be inspired to get creative with body art in their everyday styling.

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