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This animal survived 24,000 years frozen in the Siberian permafrost

June 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A microscopic animal has come back to life after slumbering in the Arctic permafrost for 24,000 years.

Earlier research by other groups had shown that the rotifers could survive up to 10 years when frozen.

In a new study, the Russian researchers used radiocarbon dating to determine that the critters they recovered from the permafrost -- ground that is frozen year-round, apart from a thin layer near the surface -- were about 24,000 years old.

"The takeaway is that a multicellular organism can be frozen and stored as such for thousands of years and then return back to life -- a dream of many fiction writers," Malavin said in the statement.

Once the rotifer thawed, the creature was able to reproduce, the study said.

To understand how the creature survived in suspended animation in the frozen ground, the researchers froze and thawed modern day rotifers living in permafrost regions.

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