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This AI tool writes real estate descriptions without ever stepping inside a home

May 14, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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"L O V E L Y Oakland!" the house description began. It went on to give a slew of details about the 1,484 square-foot home — light-filled, charming, Mediterranean-style, with a yard that "boasts lush front landscaping" — and finished by describing the "cozy fireplace" and "rustic-chic" pressed tin ceiling in the living room.

The descriptions Listing AI created for me are not nearly as specific or well-written as the one crafted by our (human) realtor.

But the general coherence of the descriptions that Listing AI proposed within seconds of my submission provides yet another sign that AI is getting better at a task that was traditionally seen as uniquely human — and shows how people may be able to work with the technology, rather than fearing it may replace us.

It probably won't do all the work of writing a house description for you, but according to Listing AI co-founder Mustafa Al-Hayali, that's not the point.

There were obvious errors and weird AI decisions in the listings the website composed for me, ranging from false statements (the house does not have a "finished basement", though it does have a basement) to final sentences ("The living room") that just trailed off.

Ward, a realtor with Red Oak Realty in Oakland, had a few issues with Listing AI's word choices — he'd never describe the Oakland house as "rustic-chic" he said, and he hates the word "boasts" in property descriptions.

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