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This agricultural enterprise is helping Nigerian farmers expand their business

June 8, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Babban Gona provides agricultural services such as crop training, financial literacy training and storage facilities for small-scale farmers in northern Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)In 2015, farmer Sule Yohana joined Babban Gona, a social enterprise organization with a focus on providing expansion services to smallholder farmers in Nigeria.

Babban Gona which means 'Great farm' in Hausa language, spoken in West Africa, provides services such as loans, agribusiness training, and provision of storage facilities for subsistence farmers in rural communities.

Babban Gona, which specializes in supporting maize farming is present in six Nigerian states and has so far provided its 100,000 farmer members with different farming-related services to improve their business.

Babban Gona also trains all its farmer members on some of the best farming techniques to improve their production of maize.

Farmer members like Yohana are offered access to credit for their business and information on the best ways to market and distribute their products, according to Babban Gona founder, Masha.

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