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Thief targets Wichita organization helping families

May 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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FaithBuilders Director Andrea Dixon said most of the items like clothes and toys can be replaced; but that the food and baby formula are going to be the major blow.

(KAKE)- The Bel Aire and Wichita Police Department's are asking for help locating a van stolen from Wichita's FaithBuilders organization. FaithBuilders Director Andrea Dixon said Thursday that she had filed a police report after she woke up Wednesday and realized a thief had stolen her van out of her Bel Aire driveway. "My husband went to work and he came back in and he asked me where my van was, and I told him it's in the driveway," said Dixon. Dixon said several items inside the van were also stolen including her purse, baby formula, hundreds of pounds of food and other supplies.

Dixon said all the person has to do is drive it back to her driveway and leave it there, no questions asked. As an alternative, Dixon recommended sending an anonymous tip to KAKE News or to the Bel Aire Police Department at (316) 744-6000. Dixon said Kansans who would like to support FaithBuilders can do so by making donations of goods and services or volunteering.

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