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These Kentucky artists are ridding the world of hate, one tattoo at a time

April 1, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Tattoo artists Ryun King and Jeremiah Swift are fighting intolerance by covering up hate tattoos for free.

But during the past year, many people have also decided to abandon symbols of hate by reaching out to two tattoo artists in Kentucky.

Last June, CNN reported that Ryun King and Jeremiah Swift were offering to cover up hate or gang-related tattoos for free.

And people internationally," King said.

The racist tattoos he'd gotten as a young man -- like a 'White Power' tattoo on his calf -- had become a painful reminder of his past intolerance.

Kevin lives several hours outside of Murray, but he was more than willing to make a long drive to get his tattoos covered by King.

With King's handiwork, Kevin has covered three tattoos and plans to get two more done.

King says each tattoo he covers makes him feel better, too.

CNN: Tattoos are so personal -- what's it like to do this type of work?

I can see their nervousness, anxiety, and I'm like, "Look, man, we're here to get rid of that, because I know you've already moved past that. " It's a pretty brave moment for those people.

King: Cover-ups, in general, are extremely difficult and most of these tattoos are pretty old, worn, and outdated, just like that ideology.

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