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These girls see themselves in Kamala Harris

November 21, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

When US Sen. Kamala Harris of California was elected as the first vice president of the United States who is female, Black and South Asian, girls of different races and ethnicities saw themselves in her. Here's what some of them told CNN.

(CNN)When US Sen. Kamala Harris of California was elected as the next vice president of the United States, girls all over the country saw someone like themselves elected to the second-highest office in the country for the first time.

She's a woman and a woman of color and represents girls like me -- which I don't see a lot of.

Alice, age 12: It's just so good that Kamala was elected vice president.

When she was talking to (Vice President Mike) Pence in the debate and said "I'm speaking" when he was trying to talk over her, I liked that because it breaks the stereotype that women are weak.

She seems like she will be a good vice president because she's a woman.

Daniela, age 12: It's really inspiring to other girls and women in our country because in the whole history of our country, there has never been a woman president or vice president.

Kamala is like me in that we are both determined women who want to break stereotypes of what people think we can do or act or say.

It's nice to see someone who looks like me as vice president.

Caroline, age 12: I thought it was really cool when Kamala was elected vice president and that she is now a role model.

Mariana, age 16: I think Kamala being vice president is a big step for the country since she's the first woman vice president we've ever had.

Norah, age 7: I was really happy when Kamala was elected vice president.

Taylor, age 12: I feel like there are a lot of changes for the better now that Kamala has been elected.

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