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These Americans want you to rethink the pandemic phenomenon of 'travel shaming'

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When Kaytlin Snider, a recent college graduate, told her friends and family members she was moving to South Korea, she was met with confusion -- and some judgment.

After all, health officials still warn against traveling during the pandemic.

"I didn't know what I wanted to do I just knew I loved to travel.

The reaction Snider received from some isn't new -- in fact, last year saw a lot of what has been described as "travel shaming. "

"Hopefully now that things are looking a little better with the vaccines, maybe people will start accepting it a little more" said Amy Graves, owner of Massachusetts-based travel agency, Endless Shores Travel.

"We have to get back to what our new normal is, and to some people that is traveling. "

Here's why some people said they are still traveling, shame-free.

Some people have to travel for work

"We really, really would advocate for not traveling right now," Walensky said during a JAMA livestream on Wednesday.

"You shouldn't be traveling anyway . . .

But travel warnings aren't worrisome to some people.

Last weekend was one of the busiest for pandemic air travel in more than a month, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

More than 4 million people traveled between last Thursday and Sunday, the agency said.

For Samantha Osborn, being able to travel has been essential for her job as a personal appearance manager, which requires managing different celebrities and public figures' appearances.

In 2019, Osborn said she traveled 185 days out of year, mainly for business purposes.

Osborn, 40, said she has noticed events have started to pick up this year.

'You aren't selfish if you go traveling'

This year Graves said she is seeing business pick up as more and more people inquire about planning summer vacations.

She said these days, many people have been expressing interest in visiting anywhere in Florida.

"You aren't selfish if you go traveling," Graves said.

"There are so many people that are traveling, and doing it safely. "

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