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The world needs more kindness. Here's how to develop your practice

October 25, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Kindness is a way of being that can be carefully cultivated. Houston Kraft, author of "Deep Kindness," has spoken at hundreds of schools around the world, and gives kids tools to develop intentional kindness and try to shape a more just world.

CNN: What is kindness?

I was at a school in Texas and this kid approached me and he said, "After listening to your assembly, I realized I'm a really nice person, but I don't think I'm very kind. "

Most of our world would say that they're kind, when they're actually just being nice.

Kraft: I think I have looked at kindness a lot longer than the average person.

CNN: You write about tossing around kindness like confetti.

Kraft: I think there is damage in quotes like throw "kindness around like confetti" or even the imperative "Just be kind. " I hear so often from well-intentioned people that if kindness is free, why wouldn't we spread it?

Deep kindness, I would say, costs us discipline over time to practice something day in and day out.

CNN: Are kids growing up in a world that's more or less kind than your childhood?

I realized I've done that to a lot of people in my life, and it makes sense that people can't receive a thing they don't trust. " I have to earn people's trust before they can receive my real kindness.

CNN: How do you start to practice kindness?

Kraft: If we say practice kindness for 30 days, it's so big and abstract that most of us get lost and distracted, overwhelmed or busy.

CNN: If someone has 30 minutes today, what's one thing they can do to be more kind to themselves or others?

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