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The US recorded 195,000 new Covid-19 cases in a day. An expert says spread is now 'faster' and 'broader' than ever

November 21, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

November has been a month full of devastating Covid-19 records in the US.

Almost every single state has sounded the alarm on a rapid surge in cases and nationwide numbers have been climbing much faster than ever before -- with the country reporting a staggering 2. 7 million infections since the beginning of the month.

On Friday, more than 195,500 new infections were reported -- a number many considered unheard of just weeks ago.

Louisiana's health department announced that about 90% of new cases reported were community spread, while 10% of them were in congregate settings.

Colorado officials said a new modeling report estimates about one out of every 49 residents in the state is infected with Covid-19 -- by far the highest prevalence since the virus arrived there.

Responding to the crisis, multiple governors this week announced new measures to combat the surging infections and relieve strained hospital systems.

California's governor issued a limited stay-at-home order for the counties in the state's most restrictive tier, saying nonessential work and gatherings must stop between 10 p. m. and 5 a. m. Minnesota's governor announced a "four-week dial back," which among other measures placed new limits on social gatherings and ordered bars and restaurants to takeout and delivery services only.

Earlier this week, Pfizer said a final analysis of the Phase 3 trial of the vaccine showed it was 95% effective in preventing infections, even in older adults, and caused no serious safety concerns.

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